We envision this project as a social machine: a method of imagining our future, a stage for our political concerns, and a way to create new social structures with like minded individuals.


The project was founded in 2014 at Goldsmiths University of London by visual artist Shannon Tamara Lewis in partnership with her colleague Indrani Ashe. Soon after they invited another artist and Goldsmiths graduate, Sara Umar, to write herself into the script.

The Golden Brown Girls are a growing network of women and creative professionals from across the globe with individual and collaborative practices.

in order of appearance


Nine Yamamoto-Masson, Artist, Theorist, and  Activist, Berlin, Germany


Sonia Elizabeth Barrett, Artist, Southern Germany


Melody Laverne Bettencourt, Artist, Berlin, Germany


Christine Sweeney, Writer and Comedian

kate cheka

Kate Cheka, Writer and Comedian

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