A group of girlfriends redefine notions of success and happiness by writing themselves 30 years into the future as “The Golden Brown Girls”

Episode 1: Passing Ships

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Indrani reflects on a big night with the girls–the opening of her retrospective. But for some reason, career accomplishments are not foremost in her mind.

Episode 2: Tai’s Coming to Dinner

special guest

Shannon has a special guest for dinner….her husband!

Episode 3: The Big Thaw

big news

Indrani is dating a younger man  and Ex- Facebook friend Lila has a very important reproductive status update!

Episode 4: Over Expo$ure Dollar$


The Golden Brown Girls get a taste of the Berlin Art Scene with their friend Nine.  Expo$ure Dollar$ are scattered and fresh faced illusions are shattered!

Episode 5: The Black Pow(d)er Room


The Golden Brown Girls deconstruct the model minority myth and discuss the realities of brown privilege and crafting solidarity with British sculptor Sonia Barrett, all within arms length of a vulva shaped sink!

Episode 6: Broken Dick


Hello boys…did you ever neglect to reflect?   What’s your affective labor trade off?  Once upon a morning after, the Golden Brown Girls begin to translate themselves in Afro Germany while the Awkward Black Single Moms star in their first music video.



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